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15 Min Shoot: Mathew's Harley Davidson

I visited Mathew’s Harley Davidson in Fresno, Ca. this week. It had been my first visit since the day I picked up my Harley back in 2003! The dealership has gone through some remodeling and I hardly recognized it! One of the new additions was a small museum of motorcycles collected by the family that owns the dealership. There are motorcylces that go far back as 1917! Along with motorcycled that were on display in glass cases, there was also a ton of vintage Harley Davidson items on display.

When I started photographing the bikes, I instantly noticed a lot of window reflections in my images. The museum was well lit from the large windows. So instead of fighting the reflections I embraced it! What I got was some very interesting images and frankly I am really digging the results!

More images can be seen at the 15 Min Shoot: Mathew’s Harley Davidson

About the gear and processing: I used my Olympus E-P5 w/ Olympus 17mm f1.8 & Olympus E-M5 w/ Olympus 25mm f1.8. Processed with CameraBag2 (Holga Instant Custom Profile) & Photogene.

I could have used a polarizer filter to cut down the reflections, but I am really liking the results of the reflections and sudo multiple exposure image feel.

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